October 2015

Dear Rubicon Mortgage Fund Investor or Prospective Investor:

Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC (RMF) is pleased to announce that investors who reinvested each month during the 3rd Quarter in 2015 have received an annualized compounded return of 7.224% thus far. We have proudly made consistent returns for our investors each of the 92 months we have been open.

3rd Quarter in Review:

Eighteen new loans totaling approximately $10,000,000 were funded this quarter by RMF. The Fund also received nine payoffs from current borrowers. Approximately eighteen investors either added to their existing accounts or opened a new account totaling just over $3,000,000 in new funds. We did have a few partners who made large withdrawals to purchase real estate and our liquidity was sufficient to meet all their redemption requests. We have been able to meet every redemption request since the conception of RMF. For larger withdrawals ($500,000 and up) we appreciate as much notice as possible. We had no foreclosures this quarter. Our portfolio is now comprised of 72 loans. All of our loans are secured in 1st position and our portfolio is consistently meeting our expectations. This quarter our borrowers paid us on time 94% of the time.

4th Quarter Outlook:

Typically 4th quarter is our busiest month. Interest rates remain low and the market remains tight. Management has hired two seasoned brokers to “find opportunities” for the Fund. We want to continue seeing more opportunities so we can select loans that meet our criteria.


If you are not receiving frequent email updates or our “Just Funded” blasts, please inform us. We take pride in our level of transparency with our investors, and in having all of you informed about the loans we’re funding. We also continually update our website in the “Funded Loans” tab in case you miss the email blast. When we fund loans we add them to the website and take down the oldest loans, so it’s a good representation of what our current loan portfolio is. Transparency and communication with our investors are cornerstones of our business model.

Graph of an actual RMF Growth account:

This table represents past returns and does not guaranty future returns.

This table represents past returns and does not guaranty future returns.

Please note that our best sources of referrals come from our current stable of investors. Please feel free to give our contact information to any interested colleagues, family or partners. As always, do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions.


Rubicon Management