+ What sources does Rubicon Mortgage Fund use for its loans?

Via mortgage brokers, direct borrowers, banks, attorneys, developers.

A jQuery script then manipulates the Markdown block to add the open/close behaviour.

+ Why Markdown?

The native Squarespace html layouts can be difficult to interpret. Placing a single Markdown block on a page makes it very easy to target with scripting as it has a class of .markdown-block.

Markdown is also easier for a non technical user to edit or add content compared to raw html.

  • It supports bullet points and other styling codes

Markdown blocks can also include html, which opens up the possibility for richer experiences that include imagery and other embedded media.

+ Why jQuery

jQuery is a Javascript framework that removes a lot of complexity when coding solutions that need to work on multiple web browsers.

This open/close functionality is expressed in 4 lines of jQuery code (excluding the call to the main jQuery library) whereas a pure Javascript solution would be far longer.

It's true that the jQuery library can add page load time, but in my code I link to the one hosted on Google's content delivery network, which means there's a strong chance that a user already has the jQuery library in their browser cache.