Fast Six Day Close for 1031 Exchange

$7,000,000 Loan in San Jose, California.

Rubicon enabled a borrower to complete their 1031 exchange and secure this acquisition by executing a 6 day close!

• The borrower was on a tight deadline and Rubicon’s back office worked diligently to complete funding as soon as possible.

•Loan was secured by 24 separate commercial units in two industrial buildings, totaling over 40,000 square feet of rentable space.

• Loan to cost was 56%.

Restaurant Acquisition


Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC was able to help the borrower with a loan to secure a restaurant acquisition as well as to help them refinance a commercial retail center.

Rubicon secured this loan with a 60% loan to value and a 1 year term.


Bridge Loan San Jose

764 mt rushmore.JPG

Our clients were able to make use of a bridge loan to secure financing to buy a new house in San Jose, California. Rubicon was able to secure financing for this deal at only 50% loan to value secured by a first deed of trust on both properties.

Six Month Bridge Loan

One of the most common loans Rubicon is able to provide to their clients is a bridge loan. With Rubicons help, our client was able to secure a 6 month loan to complete their bridge loan, secured by a first position deed of trust on both properties.

Short Term – 1 Year Loan in Alameda

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A short 1 year loan in Alameda secured by a first deed of trust.


Property purchase in Los Angeles. 9 month term secured by a first position deed of trust



Bridge loan in Oakland, California. 1st position deed of trust on both properties with a combined loan to value of 60%.



Bridge Loan in Richmond, California. 1st position deed of trust on the residential property and 2nd deed of trust on the condominium. Loan to value 65%.



Acquisition in Sacramento, California. Industrial property cross collateralized with another industrial. Acquisition for investment purposes with a loan to value of 60%

8392 carbide ct.JPG

3720 omec circle.JPG

Refinance in Oakland, California. The borrower only needed a short term 6 month loan to help refinance for business purposes. Loan to cost was 60%.


Purchase in Lafayette

With Rubicon’s help, a borrower in Lafayette was able to make a purchase of a gas station located in the heart of Lafayette. The station is conveniently located right off of a busy street and also includes a garage business attached.


Business acquisition in Oakland

With Rubicon’s help, the borrower was able to take cash out of an existing property to purchase this commercial office space in Oakland. A short 1 year term worked perfect for the borrower, and the loan to cost was only 60%.


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