Asset Based Lending -
an introduction to Rubicon Mortgage Fund - VIDEO REPLAY PAGE

This conference has ended but you are welcome to watch the video above and see more videos on our Rubicon Mortgage Fund YouTube Channel. To be alerted about upcoming online webinars, please contact us at

Learn to leverage Direct Asset Based Lending
 • Receive funding you might otherwise not be able to get with a traditional lender. Since Rubicon loans are asset based, they lend on the value of the property they are using as collateral.

• Rubicon has no credit checks and we don’t require appraisals – we physically inspect every property we lend money on.

Opportunities / Pitfalls in Commercial Investing
• Bridge Loans – Looking to purchase a replacement property but not yet been able to sell your current property? We will show you how we allow our borrowers to make an all cash offer on a new property while giving them time to sell their current property. 

• Transaction speed matters - we often fund in just two weeks.

Interested in Commercial Real Estate Investing?
We are currently accepting new Investors into the Fund.  Learn how to diversify into Commercial Real Estate Lend Investing. We will discuss why we also voluntarily have our fund audited annually and why all of our past audits are posted for anyone to view on our website under the investor tab.