Multi-Unit Refinance in Berkeley, CA

Long-time Rubicon borrower needed funds for Construction and Rehab on a Family-owned Apartment Building. Originally built in 1949 by borrower's father, this 10 unit Multi-Family Property hadn't had any major remodeling done. Rubicon funded $2M towards the construction with 1 year term. Loan to Value is 60% on this 3 story, approximately 7,400 square foot building that sits on a 5,150 square foot lot within walking distance of North Berkeley BART Station. Rubicon holds the 1st Deed of Trust.

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Business Purpose Refinance in Menlo Park

A gorgeous Mediteranean Spanish-style Non-Owner Occupied home that has been completely rebuilt from the ground up was refinanced for business purposes by borrower. SFR has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, pool and approximately 2,700 square feet. Rubicon funded a $1.125M loan for 1 year, with a 1st Deed of Trust and a Loan to Value of 59%.

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Purchase Investment in Antioch, CA

A Commercial/Special Purpose building was acquired by borrower using $375,000 funded by Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC. With cross collateral of a commercial building in Concord, CA there is a combined loan to value of 30% on this 12 months term loan with First Deed of Trust.

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Seaside, CA Cash Out

An office building owner-user needed a cash out of $260,000 for business purposes. The Non-Owner Occupied Single Family Residence is located in the city of Seaside, in Monterey County. To get Rubicon a Combined Loan to Value of 50% borrower offered his SFR in Indian Wells, CA. Loan term is 2 years.

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Combined Value Loan of $2.8M in San Jose

Borrower was tenant in a commercial retail building for over 10 years. Owner of building wanted to sell structure and tenant had first right of refusal. Buyer came in and tenant matched the offer but needed Rubicon's loan to complete transaction. RMF funded $1.575M for business acquisition and cross collateralized property with single family residence - all in San Jose. Loan position is 1st Deed of Trust, 6 months term and Loan to Value is 60%.

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Commercial Acquisition in Oakland

A very narrow window of time was all borrowers had to secure the acquisition of this Industrial Commericial Warehouse in Oakland. This Industrial Condo has approximately 12,000 square feet and Rubicon provided the $1.5M loan to purchase. A 65% Loan to Cost, 1 year term and 1st Deed of Trust sealed the deal.

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San Francisco Refinance

A commercial building in the historic neighborhood of the Fillmore District in San Francisco was the source of this refinance. Borrowers needed $1.5M which Rubicon supplied for business purposes. The commercial retail building has over 5,600 square feet of space. Loan term is 2 years, Rubicon holds the 1st Deed of Trust and the loan to value was 50%.

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Business Purpose Refinance in Hillsborough

Rubicon funded a $1.1M loan on a Single Family Residence in the leafy neighborhood of Hillsborough. Owners refinanced their 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath home that contains 5,300 square feet to secure a business opportunity. Borrowers were under pressure to get funds due to tight timelines. The transaction on this First Deed of Trust loan for 1 year was accomplished in time for the borrower's business acquisition. Loan to Value is less than 30%.

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San Francisco Investment Purchase Funded in 5 Days!

Rubcion provided a $2.7M loan in just 5 days. This mixed-use retail and residential building has close to 10,000 square feet, with a site are of 5,250 square feet. Property has single ground floor retail space and 15 second floor apartment units. Borrower needed a 12 month loan on this investment acquisition. Rubicon has a loan to cost of 64% and holds the 1st Deed of Trust.

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Business Investment Acquisition in Mountain View, CA

With a lot size of close to 20,000 square feet, and a light industrial warehouse close to 9,000 square feet, borrower seized opportunity to acquire this property as an investment. Rubicon funded a $2M loan and holds the 1st Deed of Trust. Loan to cost was 65% and term is 18 months. Location of property is amazing and a stone's throw from NASA Ames Research Center and a Microsoft building.

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San Francisco Acquisition with Bay Views!

Rubicon funded a $650,000 loan for a single family residence purchase. This non-owner occupied investment has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and is located in Clarendon Heights and has both city and bay views. Rubicon holds the 1st Deed of Trust on this 2 year loan with a loan to cost of 40%.

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Commercial Acquisition for Business Purposes in Oakland

Borrower had great opportunity to purchase a 37,750 square foot industrial building on 1.41 acres of land in Oakland so came to Rubicon to expedite deal. Rubicon funded a $3M loan using 2 additional properties as cross collateral: 1) a Duplex in Oakland and 2) a high-end Danville home. Combined loan to value is under 60% and term is 1 year.

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Southern California Cash Out Refinance

Two separate side-by-side, non-owner occupied, Single Family Residences located in Pomona, CA were the focus of this $600,000 loan funded by Rubicon. Proven borrower wanted a cash-out refinance to fund an investment property acquisition. Rubicon holds 1st Deeds of Trust on this 1 year loan. Loan to Value is 65%.

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$4.2M Construction Loan in Belmont, CA

Located in a prime, busy section of Belmont, borrower requested loan funds to payoff existing debt, provide construction financing for 7-11 store, car wash and remodel of existing gas station. Rubicon funded this $4.2M on land with existing gas station (approximately 22,000 square feet) across street from major transportation hub. Loan to Value is 60%, 1st Deed of Trust and 18 month terms.

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Existing Debt Refinance in Pittsburg, CA

Over 22,000 square feet of mixed-use commercial buildings were at the center of this $910,000 loan funded by Rubicon. Located in Old Town Pittsburg, near waterfront, 2 commercial buildings required over $900,000 to refinance the existing debt as part of a divorce settlement. With a loan to value under 60%, Rubicon holds 1st Deeds of Trust on both properties for 2 years.


Madera, CA Acquisition Loan

Rubicon provided a $2.4M loan for an investment purchase. Borrower acquired a 100-room hotel in Madera and suppled an 18,000 square foot commercial building in downtown San Francisco as collateral on the deal. The combined loan to value is 60% and the loan term is 2 years.

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Fantastic Business Investment Acquisition in Oakland, CA

Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC funded a $335,00 loan for borrower purchasing a great invesment non-owner occupied condominium. Located in prime location between the Rockridge and Piedmont Neighborhoods, property is located within walking distance of boutique shops, coffee bars and restaurants as well as major public transportation hub (BART) to San Francisco. Rubicon holds the 1st Deed of Trust on this 2 year deal with a loan to cost of 56%.

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