Cash-out Refinance in Tahoe City

Borrowers purpose for this loan from Rubicon was to payoff an existing loan and recapitalization of their business. RMF provided a $2.5M loan for 18 months using this family vacation home as collateral to pay off the business credit line that had matured. Borrower's exit strategy is to use proceeds from the sale of their industrial building outside of San Diego to pay off our loan. This beautiful wood-framed home is right on the lake in Tahoe and includes 4 bedrooms and 5 baths and it's own lake pier. Loan to value was less than 50%.

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Investment Purchase in Fairfield

Borrower with successful  history in car wash investments came to Rubicon for a loan of $400K for a zoned for commercial development, corner-lot land purchase in Fairfield, CA. High frontage and visibility of this .86 acre property combined with a traffic light at the intersection is a big bonus to the accessibility of this property. Borrower intends to develop lot into a car wash. Rubicon funded loan using the borrowers other car wash station as cross collateral making this a combined loan to value of 50%. Term is for 2 years.

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Mixed-Use Purchase in Oakland

A broker came to Rubicon for help with his client who wanted to acquire a 48-Unit Commercial/Multi-Family Apartment Building. Located in the bustling downtown district of Oakland, this Multi-Use Complex, is situated within walking distance to BART and Swan's Market which was heralded as one of the "East Bay's most exciting dining destinations" (Diablo Magazine).  The acquisition met Rubicon's loan to cost of 60%, has a term of 12 months and RMF holds the 1st Deed of Trust. 

 This 48-unit building is located in the bustling downtown district.

This 48-unit building is located in the bustling downtown district.

Daly City Investment Acquisition

Two Rentable Spaces (1st and 2nd floor) in a Daly City SFR was an attractive purchase for our borrower. Featuring great floor plans, this non-owner occupied 2-story, was built in 2016 and will be rented out immediately. The upper level has 2 bedrooms, plus den and 2 bathrooms. Lower level is 1/1. Walking distance to BART makes it even more attractive for renters commuting into San Francisco. Loan to cost is 50%, and RMF has the 1st DOT for 12 months.


San Leandro Gas Station Refi

A service station with convenience store had existing debt that borrower wished to refinance. RMF gave a $465K loan for a term of 2 years.  With a Loan to Value of less than 40%, the property more than meets Rubicon's valuation requirements.


Non-Owner Occupied SFR Refi

A repeat borrower came to Rubicon for a $600K loan on property located in the very leafy and desirable neighborhood of Upper Happy Valley in Lafayette.  This non-owner occupied single family residence has 5 bedrooms and 4 baths with over 3,000 square feet on over 1/2 acre of land. With a Loan to value of 30%, this refinance will go towards other business purposes. RMF holds 1st DOT and loan is for 12 months.


Existing Loan Refi in Milpitas

Rubicon funded a $2.1M loan for borrower needing to refinance existing debt. With a Loan to Value of 65%, property in question is a Commercial Retail Space with over 15,000 square feet. Lot size is over 55K square feet. Rubicon holds 1st Deed of Trust on this 12 month loan.


Existing Debt Refi in Berkeley

A portfolio real estate investor, and repeat borrower of Rubicon, needed to reposition their debt. RMF funded $1.9M on this 1 year loan against 3 properties in Berkeley combining for an LTV of 60%. The properties included a Single Family Residence in the Elmwood neighborhood, a 4-plex and a duplex - both within walking distance of Fourth Street, "the true pearl of the Bay Area," according to Vogue Magazine, for its "foodie scene and an impressive stretch of stores." Rubicon holds the 1st Deed of Trust on all 3 properties.

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Cash-out in Sacramento

Borrower needed $550,000 for Land Entitlements on a different project unrelated to loan. Two Single Family Residences in Sacramento provided the collateral needed for this cash-out refinance. The combined loan to value is less than 50% on this 3-year loan.


Richmond Family Transfer

After a family inheritance of a free-and-clear multi-unit property to 3 siblings, 1 of the siblings wanted to be paid out leaving 2 brothers on title. They came to Rubicon for a $300,000 loan for this Family Trust Buy-out. The 5,000 square foot lot hosts a 2-story, 4-plex - each with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath and a parking spot - residential building with active renters. Loan period is for 1 year and the LTV is less than 50%. Rubicon holds the 1st Deed of Trust.


Refi in Emeryville (across street from Pixar Studios)

Prime location in Emeryville! Borrower owns a very flexible Office/Commercial Condo a stone's throw from entry gates to Pixar (Disney) Studios. She came to Rubicon Mortgage Fund requesting a $500,000 loan for a refinance/cash-out for Tenant Improvements. The space contains 14,000 square feet, the Loan to Value is under 30%, RMF holds 1st DOT and the term is for 2 years.

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Cash-out Refi in Orinda

Borrower has 20,000 square foot lot in Orinda Village. He came to Rubicon for a cash-out refi loan of $575,000 for project expenses such as architectural and engineering work, civil and building, grading and drainage permits along with attorney fees. The property type is Entitled Commercial Land - close to 1/2 acre - within walking distance of Orinda Bart, shops and restaurants. Term of loan is 1 year and RMF holds the 1st DOT.

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Business Acquisition in El Dorado Hills

This deal was to enable borrower to acquire two Non-Owner Occupied homes in El Dorado Hills, CA located on Folsom Lake. Loan amount was $515K. First home is over 2,500 square feet, has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with lake views (5 minute walk to lake!). Seller purchased property as an investment but found herself underwater. Rubicon's borrower was able to purchase below market, plans minor renovations and will flip within 3-6 months. The second home is a 3/2 with over 1,800 square feet. and is energy efficient. Large deck has amazing Folsom Lake view and yard is beautifully landscaped and very private. Same seller as above and borrower purchased for $250,000. Exit strategy is to sell house 1, pay RMF with proceeds, and then rent or sell second home. Combined loan-to-cost is under 60%, and term is 6 months. Rubicon holds the 1st DOT on both homes.

Mobile Home Park Refi

A mobile home park with 41 unit spaces on 4.5 acres was the focus of this refinance. Borrower came to RMF and needed $700,000 to complete refi for park in Oroville, CA. Term is 4 years, LTV is 50% and Rubicon holds 1st Deed of Trust.


Property Improvement in Santa Cruz

Rubicon funded a $3.1 Million loan to a borrower/owner of a close to 21,000 Square Foot Multi-Tenant building on a leafy downtown street in Santa Cruz. Loan is intended for property improvements on this 34-unit Office Building that also houses a Top-10 Reviewed Italian Restaurant on Yelp. Rubicon's loan to value is 63%, loan term is 2 years and RMF holds the First Deed of Trust.


Cash-out for Investment Purpose in Turlock

A repeat borrower for Rubicon needed a $520K loan to purchase property in Turlock, CA. Using cross-collateral that included a 100-Room Hotel in Madera and an 8,500 Square Foot Luxury Home in Pleasanton with Views of city lights and vineyards, Rubicon provided the funds for 1 year. Proven borrower commercially develop the 1.25 acre lot. Loan has a combined LTV of under 60%.

Short-term Bridge Loan in Palo Alto

Rubicon funded a $1.5M bridge loan on a Single Family Residence located in Old Palo Alto. This area is one of the most esteemed enclaves in the leafy, walkable neighborhoods close to Stanford University and is one of the most desirable areas in Silicon Valley. Rubicon's loan is for 11 months, has a loan-to-value of under 30% and RMF holds the 1st Deed of Trust.


Multi-Family Dwelling Purchase in Castro Valley

Rubicon closed this loan 1 day earlier than contractual close! Three Non-Owner Occupied Single Family Residences are located on 1 parcel. Borrower requested $600,000 from Rubicon to complete this Investment Acquisition. Property dwellings contain 9 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and is approximately 5,850 Square Feet combined. Loan to Cost is under 50%, loan term is 1 year and RMF holds the 1st Deed of Trust.

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Tracy Refinance

An existing debt refinance was the purpose of this $850,000 loan for Rubicon. This Commercial Retail building has approximately 5,600 square feet and is on 1.30 acre lot. Located in a prime location with high visibility from freeway. This is the heart of Tracy with the most through traffic. Loan term is for 1 year, LTV is 60% and RMF holds the 1st Deed of Trust.

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San Francisco Cash Out Refi

A Family Trust Settlement was at the core of this loan. Borrowers came to Rubicon with a loan request of $600,000 for the purpose of a Cash-out Refinance to Fund the Trust's Final Distribution to the Beneficiaries. The property is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath non-owner occupied Single Family Residence in the Glen Park Neighborhood of San Francisco. Rubicon's loan to value is 60%, term of loan is 6 months and Rubicon holds the 1st Deed of Trust.

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