Rubicon is a direct, private lender providing
fast and reliable funding
for real estate transactions in California.

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Providing direct private commercial loans in California for short-term lending, refinancing,
equity cash out for business, and new loans for rehab fix & flip. Loans in California from $250K – $15MM.

Rubicon specializes in asset based loans throughout California & will create a customized private money loan to fit your needs.

Transaction speed matters – Rubicon typically can close a deal in 2 weeks.
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Northern California’s Premier Direct Lender
commercial private lending
Direct Private Lending: Fast, Reliable Funding​

What types of loans are funded by Rubicon Mortgage Fund?

We will show you how we allow our borrowers to make an all cash offer on a new property while giving them time to sell their current property.

Transaction speed matters – we can fund your deal in less than two weeks.

1031 exchange

1031 Exchange


Investment Acquisition


Construction Loans


Multi-Family Homes


Short-Term Lending


Rehab / Fix & Flip


Rubicon specializes in asset based loans throughout California, and will create a customized loan to fit our clients needs.   Click to learn more about the loans we offer and the property types we lend on.

Broker with Referrals?

Are you an agent, a bank or a broker unable to get traditional funding for your client(s)? Keep your client relationships intact and let Rubicon Mortgage Fund your loan(s).

Invest with Rubicon Fund

As an investor in the Fund, you will gain a proportionate interest in all of the loans in the Fund’s portfolio. All loans will be secured by a first deed of trust.

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